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Atmosphere - Scapegoat (Overcast!)

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And if she only knew, how long I’ve waited for her
How her smiles enough to make my winter warmer
If she knew the way she walks could take away my storm
She’d probably call the cops and get a restraining order
As much as I hate myself, I hate you more
But I still smile when you come through that door
And as much as I hate my life, I hate yours too
Just can’t seem to teach myself to ignore you
by Slug  
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Decision ft Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, John Legend & Common | Busta Rhymes

We always talk about our peeps, how we be everywhere
When you need ‘em the most, are they really ever there?
See , every thing be all good when we be havin’ fun
The difference is really needing a friend than having one

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Me: Oh you love atmosphere too?
Them: hell yeah
Me: what's your favorite song
Them: sunshine. The one about hangovers
Me: goodbye
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Sex is a mere molecule/in this world of love that I have for you

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